Hot fiddlers from cool Scandinavia! Frigg are continuously one of the flagbearers of Nordic world music scene. After 13 years of playing together they still remain true to their Finnish roots but are always open to influences gathered from their trips and connections to fellow musicians from around the world. They call their music style nordgrass indicating the union between Nordic trad and bluegrass, and they are no strangers to Irish and Celtic elements either. Frigg’s musical palette has bright colours, atmospheric shades and fearless combination of them all.

Frigg has released five studio and one live album. Their fifth studio album ”Polka V” released in July 2012 contains versatile material mainly from the band members themselves revealing their incredible musicality and virtuosity. Besides gaining five star reviews it was chosen the Best Folk Album of The Year by Finnish folk poll, and was also nominated for the Teosto (Finnish Composers Copyright Society) prize. This 7-piece band has ashtonished audiences with their lively and dynamic live shows on four continents so far, from Malmö to Malaysia and from Austria to Albuquerque. Recently they have left a deep footprint in heavily competed UK soil with three tours in just one year. Succesful tours in e.g. Australia and Japan have brought Frigg yet to another level internationally. To look at the future, two new albums are planned to be released in 2014–2015, alongside new tours in Europe and beyond.


“This is Blazing Fiddles on steroids! If you like that style of multiple fiddles with interesting and different backings you should look out for Frigg.” – Jim Byrne, (about Polka V)

“Galvanic live shows … taking the next leap forward for Finnish fiddle music. … During the recent US tour an appearance on Garrison Keillor’s famous networked radio show A Prairie Home Companion had the studio audience baying for an encore. That’s the way it’s turning out wherever they play.” - Andrew Cronshaw”

“Doesn’t get much hotter than that does it? Fantastic, fantastic band.” – Phil Brown, BBC Radio Lancashire

“You can put me down as a fan. They would be a credit to any festival.” – Simon Nicol, Fairport Convention