Renaud Garcia-Fons

Renaud Garcia-Fons is a master of five-string bass, and his music takes the listeners cross genres and beyond geographical borders, from jazz to classical music, flamenco, and contemporary classical. One can hear echoes of Oriental countries, shores of Mediterranean, and of Latin America.  Bass is accompanied by many instruments from lute to trombone and from accordion to derbouka.

Garcia-Fons is called ”Paganini of double bass” due to his technique which has been influenced by his teacher François Rabbath, a master himself. Improvisation has an essential role in his musical vision. Adding the fifth string to a double bass was a turning point in finding his own style, also studying the possibilities of a double bass as an improvising instrument of an ensemble.  Five-string bass and his con arco and lizzicato techniques made Garcia-Fons famous, and he became widely known for expanding the various possibilities of a double bass.

Garcia-Fons deepened the relation to jazz by playing with Orchestre des Contrabasses and Orchestre National de Jazz. His interest in flamenco has lead to perform with David Dorantes, Gerardo Núñez and Esperanza Fernandez. Traditions of Mediterranean and Oriental areas can be heard in his playing with e.g. Greek Angélique Ionatos, Tunisian Dhafer Youssef, Turkish Kudsi Ergüner and Huong Tanh from Vietnam. Garcia-Fons has been awarded several times for his musical achievements in his home country  France and abroad.


Le Long de la Seine

Renaud Garcia-Fons & Derya Turkan: Silk Moon



TERRITORY: Scandinavia and Baltic