Maja Mannila Trio was selected for the 2023 Nordic Jazz Comets event

Nordic Jazz Comets will be organized in Gävle on May 12, 2023 as part of the Swedish jazz association's Jazzfesten event. The Nordic jazz promoters network selected five ensembles out of the 69 applicants. Finnish new jazz will be represented by singer-pianist Maja Mannila, bassist Johannes Granroth and drummer Severi Sorjonen.

"The representatives of the national jazz organizations, a network of 17 club & festival promoters and five emerging bands meet at a showcase in Sweden in May. The event is a part of the Nordic Jazz Comets Dagsverke project. The two-year project broadens the focus of Nordic co-operation from artistic and collegial aspects to social and ecological sustainability."

Finnish Jazz Federation 13.12.2022

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