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Minnamurra Music Management & Agency presents charismatic and carefully selected jazz and world music artists world-wide. Minna Huuskonen established the company in 2013, offering also mentoring, promotion, production, and consulting services. Minnamurra artists have performed on all continents, played at major festivals and clubs, and showcased at e.g. WOMEX, Eurosonic, Icelandic Airwaves, jazzahead! Mundial Montreal, Seoul Music Week, SXSW, Folkelarm, and Tallinn Music Week.

Minna has over 20 years of experience on various fields of music covering all genres. It all started from playing flute which led to work at Time of Music festival of contemporary classical music. Time of Music occupied 10 summers after high school as the festival secretary and later on in 2008-2012 as the executive manager. In between there were years of political studies and work at Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory as the International Coordinator. During those years the genre also changed to popular music. 10 years passed at Finnish Music Information Centre (Fimic) working at promotional and export projects. In 2008-2018 Minna worked at Helsinki Festival programming and producing Huvila Festival Tent, and conducting other non-classical music productions; she remained at the festival as an artistic advisor for another year. In 2018 she was acting executive director of Kaustinen Folk Music Festival.

Minna coordinates Jazz Finland International project by Finnish jazz federation in 2019-20 helping Finnish jazz companies going international. In early 2020 she launched new Apollo Artistit roster introducing young Finnish talent cross-genres, and started acting as a chairwoman of the Foundation of Finnish Music Creators' Association after two years as a committee member.

She has a long list of confidential posts of which one of the most important was a long membership in the marketing and export committee of The Finnish Music Foundation. She has been a jury member for WOMEX, jazzahead!, Young Nordic Jazz Comets, Israeli World & Jazz showcase, and Radio_head Awards Slovakia. In the past years Minna has done mentoring work for e.g. Music Finland, Music Estonia, Sibelius Academy and Arcada university of applied sciences. CV tells that film music is of great interest to her, and outside the CV it’s publicly known that her heart beats to heavy metal.

Minnamurra means ’plenty of fish’ in Aboriginal language. There is a rainforest called Minnamurra south of Sydney in Australia. It impressed Minna who has always loved fishing, and found the name specially intriguing…

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