Peela's New Album "NOTBAD"

Peela, a group of younger generation jazz musicians, releases its third album 8.3.2024

Peela consists of six talented jazz musicians from the young generation, performing compositions by guitarist-composer Johannes Granroth. Their personal and flexible groove draws from jazz, funkrock and neo-soul and gives the musicians a lot of space to play around and improvise. Their third album "Notbad" has been in the work for a while, but the wait is rewarded with a diverse and multicolor collection of up to 14 tracks that is full of passion for the music.

”Our longest album to date with a whopping 14 songs, “Notbad” paints a comprehensive picture of what the band is all about.

The material was captured over the course of several sessions, partly with the whole band playing together to capture their playful interaction, and partly more thoroughly produced by recording one instrument at a time.
The songs range between different moods and styles while maintaining the essence of what we love about music.

“Notbad”, like “Peela” is a play on words which can be interpreted either as “not bad” or in Swedish, notbad means “note bath”, which might refer to the music itself."

Johannes Granroth

PEELA “Notbad”

Johannes Granroth - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Composition

Maja Mannila - Vocals & Keys

Severi Sorjonen - Drums

Mikko Antila - Percussion, Keys & Vibraphone

Jimi Ahlroos - Saxophone

Oliver Karttunen - Electric Bass

Sami Leponiemi - Saxophone

Rafa Postel - Trumpet

Filemon von Numers - Upright Bass

Upcoming gicks:

7th March Koko Jazz Club, Helsinki / ALBUM RELEASE 

8th March Suistoklubi, Hämeenlinna

5th April Lobby Myyrmäki, Vantaa

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