Johannes Granroth / Peela


Peela consists of six talented jazz musicians from the young generation, performing compositions by guitarist-composer Johannes Granroth. Their personal and flexible groove draws from jazz, funkrock and neo-soul and gives the musicians a lot of space to play around and improvise. Peela's compelling rhythms mostly end up into instrumental pieces, but occassionally Maja Mannila adds some sparkly and ornamental singing to the whole.

Peela was founded in 2016 and published their debut album "Layers" in May 2018. The second album "Stepping Stones" was published in September 2020 and their eagerly awaited third album "Notbad" was released in March 2024. The group consists of Johannes Granroth (guitar,vocals, compositions), Severi Sorjonen (drums), Maja Mannila (keyboards, vocals), Jimi Ahlroos (saxophone), Oliver Karttunen (bass) and Mikko Antila (percussion).

”Peela has a fine chemistry and ensemble – it consists of only strong personalities, yet they are not owershadowing each other. Together these talents are even more”, Pentti Ronkanen praises the group on the site