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Kadri Voorand joins Minnamurra Music

ACT recording vocal wonder Kadri Voorand joins Minnamurra Music

Minnamurra Music is extremely proud to announce the longwaited signing of Estonian vocalist, pianist and composer Kadri Voorand. Kadrihas been a shining star in the Estonian jazz scene for over ten years duringwhich her international career has rocketed to the main stages and festivalsaround the world.


Kadri’s talent has been recognized by ACT label who releasedher latest album in 2020, ”In Duo with Mihkel Mälgand”. Before that Voorand hadproduced seven albums and she has been involved in many other recorded projects,too. Besides the duo with award-winning bassist Mihkel Mälgand one of her main groupsis also vocal ensemble Estonian Voices.


Kadri herself has won perhaps most of the jazz prizesawarded in Estonia since 2010. She has been recognized by the President ofEstonia, The Estonian Music Awards, Estonian Public Broadcasting and EstonianMusic Council, to name a few. Kadri has extremely personal voice andcaptivating stage presence, and her compositions are beyond predictable. Theduo playing with fellow musician Mälgand is seamless, and in her other line-upsKadri adds to the dynamics of the performances impeccably.

Minnamurra Music represents Kadri Voorand in all Nordic countries, her duo and other line-ups carrying her name.